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13th Aug 2022
cPanel SSL Update

Moving to AutoSSL   Due to the ongoing issues with SSL renewals while using the custom version of Let's Encrypt, we have today made the decision to change all of our cPanel servers to use cPanel's AutoSSL.   AutoSSL automatically issues SSL certificates on a daily schedule for all domains on the server that have valid DNS, so there is ... بیشتر »

26th Apr 2022
Backup Storage Changes and Upgrades to JetBackup 5

Due to poor network connectivity and performance with our current backup storage provider in our Asia region, backups have been delayed by a day or even multiple days.   These types of delays are unacceptable when trying to maintain the availability of Daily backups for our clients.   Therefore we are changing our backup storage provider and ... بیشتر »

8th Jul 2021
PHP X-Ray Now Available!

  CloudLinux PHP X-Ray is now available on in all of our shared hosting environments!   What is PHP X-Ray? PHP X-Ray allows you to analyze a websites resource usage and find where the high resource usage is coming from (scripts, database calls, etc.)   How do I use PHP X-Ray? From your cPanel or DirectAdmin control panel, click on the ... بیشتر »

28th Jan 2021
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