PHP 8.0 Now Available!



Due to many requests, we have enabled PHP version 8.0 in our shared hosting environments.

You can enable the PHP version of your choice from your cPanel using the PHP Selector.


*Please note that since PHP 8.0 is still considered new, not all PHP modules are supported/available.

MailChannels Now Enabled!!!

Due to the increase of mail delivery issues with providers such as Hotmail/Outlook/, Gmail and Yahoo, we have implemented MailChannels on all of our servers!   What is MailChannels? MailChannels is a mail service that protects our servers and IP addresses by processing and filtering all outgoing mail sent from our servers to stop ...

Imunify360 Now Installed!!!

We have been seeing an increase of malware and infected accounts in recent months, so we have decided to take a proactive approach to the problem and use Imunify360 on our servers.   What is Imunify360? Imunify360 is a malware/security plugin designed by CloudLinux that protects servers and user accounts from malware and attacks, such as ...

We have increased JetBackup backup retention time on all US East Hosting plans!!!

Due to many requests, we have increased the retention time for backups from 7 days to up to *30 days!!! This will now allow you to restore your full account, files, databases, etc. from a previous state in JetBackup from as far back as 30 days instead of the previous 7 days. What is JetBackup? Clients can use JetBackup to easily restore: ...

IPv6 Now Supported!

After many requests, IPv6 is now available on all of our Linux/cPanel servers!   What is IPv6?   IPv6 is an updated Internet Protocol designed to replace IPv4. Since IPv4 doesn’t have enough IP addresses to go around, IPv6 was created to fix that. IPv6 has about 340 undecillion IP addresses, so the likelihood of running out of IP's ...

DNSSEC Now Available!

After many requests, DNSSEC is now available for use on US East Linux/cPanel hosting plans! What is DNSSEC? DNSSEC gives users protection from many types of DNS related attacks, such as DNS spoofing or Man-in-the-Middle Attacks.  How do I use DNSSEC? First, your registrar must support DNSSEC in order to use it with your HostMantis account ...

PHP 7.2 Now Default Version!

As more and more scripts and applications have been updated to support PHP version 7+, we felt it was time again to update the default PHP version on our servers. Going forward, PHP version 7.2 will now be the default version for new accounts. If you require another PHP version, you can choose from several in your control panel (cPanel).